Project Diklovac (A)
Apartment building with 6 apartments
Project Diklovac (B)
Apartment building with 6 apartments

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PeKa DOM Invest d.o.o. graditeljstvo i usluge
Ivana Duknovića 8
23000 Zadar

Tel: +385 97 70 90 230


Welcome to our website.Our vision is to create enjoyable real estate in Croatia for everyone!

  • QualitySpacious, bright and green spaces

  • ReliableWe make sure our buyers are happy

  • PrecisionWe watch out for every detail of our project

Investing into real estate is a big decision. An emotional one as well as an economic one! Thats why we invest into the development of high quality and enjoyable propertys.

Our mission is to create investment opportunities worth your money. We focus on high quality and professional constructions for our projects. To ensure future property developments and to establish trust into our buyers we take our role as real estate developer very seriously.